Event Marketing

Is Event Marketing overwhelming your team?

If you are like many b2b marketers, leads from trade shows or conferences can take months to convert. Does your team have a good follow-up and nurturing process for leads?

Are you confident your reps and distributors follow up on leads?

Do you really know what your event ROI is?

We understand that event marketing can be challenging. For years, we’ve been helping clients generate more leads at events, convert those leads into sales and, grow their business. We can do the same for you.

Our marketing automaton process alone can dramatically increase your lead generation and at the same time, lighten the load of your team members so the have more time for follow up.

Events marketing is a great way to engage a lot of people on a personal level. The key is leveraging the process at every touch point. We break the process out into pre-event, event and post event.
Event strategy:
Generate leads

• Explainer videos
• Collateral materials & signage
• Get leads & email addresses
• Drawings, give aways