The Italian Job: New Capital Letters Client


In March, I attended SNAXPO 2015, the snappy name for the annual convention of the Snack Food Assocation (SFA).  Our client, Crystal Filtration, was hosting at their booth the global launch of the FoodLab Touch, a new food analyzer.

“FoodLab Touch will transform how foods are tested,“ said Crystal Filtration President Chuck Sorrick. “The analyzer is easy to use, compliant to AOCS Official Methods, and can analyze ingredients as well as packaged products.”

CDR is a leading engineering company headquartered in Florence, Italy, and is renowned for their commitment to R&D. The FoodLab line features proprietary methods and advanced technology patented by CDR. Their analytic equipment is used in laboratories, testing facilities and manufacturing plants worldwide.

In collaboration with the Baker Strategy Group, Capital Letters conducted research for CDR into US egg industry, an important first step in helping CDR market their products throughout North America.

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