The Growing Role of Mobile Search

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August 2, 2015
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September 17, 2015
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The growing role of mobile in search
Mobile has exploded as one of the dominant forces that influence how people search for and purchase goods and services.

According to Google , roughly 70% of users make a phone call directly from their mobile device after performing a search. With Google call-only campaigns in AdWords, your business can take advantage of that traffic and use it to get the phone ringing.

Desktop vs. Mobile

Phone numbers on search ads are nothing new. Google has had them in the form of ad extensions for a while. Those ads were more tailored for desktop and people just don’t behave the same way on mobile devices as they do when searching at their computers.

Call-only campaigns are optimized for mobile with less ad text, large call buttons and prominent phone numbers. They are designed specifically to let mobile users easily call your business as opposed to coming to your website.

A Different Kind of Conversion

Getting people to fill out a contact form is great but that’s not the only way consumers want to communicate. In fact many times and for certain industries people would rather call than wait for a response from a form submission.

Call-only campaigns not only offer consumers another way to interact with your business but another way for your business to get conversions (turning internet searchers into customers).  Businesses with longer sales cycles or more complicated purchasing decisions can now get more out of AdWords.

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