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Attract new business with quality work

The quality of your work will always be the foundation of your business. That’s why repeat customers are so valuable; they use your services or products over and over because they know you do good work.

But how do you attract new business? Spread the word. Here are three marketing tactics that can help do the job and yield the best results.
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Make your landing pages work harder

The design of your landing page plays a large role in guiding visitors to doing what you want them to do on your website. The following tips will help you make the most of your landing page efforts.

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Content management system: take control of your website

When you go to a website, you expect a slick and seamless experience, one that is dynamic and always up-to-date, and the websites that are the best at this are almost always run behind the scenes by a Content Management System (CMS).

CMS make it quick and easy to create and maintain an up-to-date website, even by novice users.
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Give Your Marketing a Health Checkup

now is a great time to assess the health of your company’s marketing.

As temperatures remain around freezing, the ground is hard and unforgiving, and jobs are ramping up waiting for the spring thaw, this is a perfect time to assess the past year, and develop new goals and marketing plans for business growth in 2014. setting business goals is a job for you and your team. here are some areas of marketing that are a great place to start, and can be tailored to any goal setting.
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Where Google Went Wrong – December, 2013

Ford had its Edsel. Coke had its new Coke. Google had its … well surprisingly, Google has had many failures.

Google is arguably the most successful Internet company today. But they didn’t get there without takings risks, some of which have failed spectacularly.

Here are a few products that seemed like a good idea in the planning stage but were not embraced by the public.

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Product launch: Doing it right – October 2013

Launching a new product and service is not for the feint of heart. Of the 250,000 new products introduce annually in the United States, 66% of new products fail within two years.

Here’s how one Michigan-based distributor did it right.

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Finding the right keywords for your site with a free Google tool

On the surface Google Trends lets you see what’s hot on the web right now.

But, if you dig a little deeper, there is a tool within a tool that can reveal a wealth of valuable statistics on nearly any search term imaginable, and helps you identify keywords to work into your online strategy. The tool is called Explore.

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You & YouTube: When Words Won’t Do – June 2012

Ever have words fail you when trying to describe the benefits of working with your company? Video may be the answer, and the construction industry lends itself to video beautifully. Maybe it’s time you and YouTube met. Let me introduce you.

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The Key to Key Words and Phrases – May 2012

Strategically placed in your website, keywords and phrases can significantly boost your ratings in search engine results. Where you put them on your site is the real key. Here are some tips. But first, a definition.

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