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Capital Letters develops a new website for Rand Construction

Capital Letters recently developed a new corporate website for Rand Construction.

Established in 1980, Rand Construction is one of Michigan’s premier design and build construction firms.

“The success of Rand Construction is built on strong relationships,” said President and CEO, Andy Klein. “We’re committed to growing our business in Michigan through new and existing relationsnships. Chris and his team will play a key role in that process.”
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Attract new business with quality work

The quality of your work will always be the foundation of your business. That’s why repeat customers are so valuable; they use your services or products over and over because they know you do good work.

But how do you attract new business? Spread the word. Here are three marketing tactics that can help do the job and yield the best results.
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Make your landing pages work harder

The design of your landing page plays a large role in guiding visitors to doing what you want them to do on your website. The following tips will help you make the most of your landing page efforts.

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The best time to photograph exteriors

As an architectural photographer it’s important to me that I make the very best photographs possible. Sometimes I can’t control every element and am forced to shoot a new project that isn’t quite finished yet, still lacking it’s landscaping, or perhaps a deadline will require me to shoot when the weather isn’t ideal and I simply don’t have the option to wait for the perfect day. Sometime I can make the best of what I have to work with using my years of experience in Photoshop, but even that won’t help me in February when the trees are bare and there might be 30 inches of snow on the ground.
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Give Your Marketing a Health Checkup

now is a great time to assess the health of your company’s marketing.

As temperatures remain around freezing, the ground is hard and unforgiving, and jobs are ramping up waiting for the spring thaw, this is a perfect time to assess the past year, and develop new goals and marketing plans for business growth in 2014. setting business goals is a job for you and your team. here are some areas of marketing that are a great place to start, and can be tailored to any goal setting.
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Where Google Went Wrong – December, 2013

Ford had its Edsel. Coke had its new Coke. Google had its … well surprisingly, Google has had many failures.

Google is arguably the most successful Internet company today. But they didn’t get there without takings risks, some of which have failed spectacularly.

Here are a few products that seemed like a good idea in the planning stage but were not embraced by the public.

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How to Turn Social Media into Social Marketing – August 2013

Social Media seems to be everywhere, doesn’t it? The big three – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter – are global behemoths and their reach grows every day. “What’s trending on Twitter” is now a regular feature on morning talk shows, and getting Friended, Poked or Linked is a daily occurrence for most.

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Finding the right keywords for your site with a free Google tool

On the surface Google Trends lets you see what’s hot on the web right now.

But, if you dig a little deeper, there is a tool within a tool that can reveal a wealth of valuable statistics on nearly any search term imaginable, and helps you identify keywords to work into your online strategy. The tool is called Explore.

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The Seven Musts of Marketing – July 2013

Chet Holmes, author of The Ultimate Sales Machine, has been called one of the greatest business growth experts in the country. His advice starts with one simple concept: Focus. Instead of trying to master four thousand strategies to improve your business, zero in on the few essential skill areas that make the big difference.

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Cadillac goes ‘Rogue,’ hires Campbell Ewald for ad account management – Crain’s Detroit Business

Cadillac has gone Rogue.

That’s the name of the General Motors Co. luxury brand’s new advertising creative agency of record, the automaker confirmed in a statement this afternoon.

Rogue was created for the Cadillac account pitch by New York City-based ad agency holding company Interpublic Group of Cos. Inc. as a consortium of three marketing agencies that includes Warren-based ad firm Campbell Ewald, which GM said will house Rogue’s headquarters.

Read more in the full article at Crain’s Detroit Business.

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