Isn’t it a hassle to deal with several different
companies for your marketing needs?

One for digital … another for video … and yet another for design and print? Consistent brand messaging across all channels is essential but ever wonder how much time you would save if you had one company handling all of that for you?

That is where we come in. The Capital Letters Marketing team can be your single point of engagement. We partner with our clients for their marketing needs to save them time and money.

The CLM Digital marketing strategists are experts at all things digital. We can help your business develop solid marketing initiatives to drive results. We’ve worked with a wide range of companies to implement unique digital marketing strategies to generate leads and sell more products. We can help you too.

Email Marketing is a key digital strategy because it is one of the most intimate ways to reach your target audience. We understand the life-blood of any business is in its database of contacts. We can work with your existing database to make compelling email marketing campaigns that convert leads into sales.

We take care of the whole process from importation of contact data into leading email marketing platforms to email creative and copy writing. We also provide consistent and transparent reporting on a monthly basis for all of your campaigns.

Event Marketing is our specialty. With decades of experience in a variety of industries, we have the expertise to prepare companies for the center stage at premiere trade shows and conferences.

Want a booth that will stop people in their tracks? That's our specialty. We've designed booths -- and coordinated collateral material -- that sets our clients apart from the crowd with strategies that draw prospects into the booth.

CLM Design handles the writing, design and printing of collateral materials, booth and floor layouts. We also manage pre-show promotion, and all the logistics to bring everything together to generate leads.

Why is Video marketing booming? Because people gravitate toward video online more than any other kind of medium. With decades of experience, we have the skills necessary to promote your business in one of the most popular ways available, through high-quality and professionally produced video. Our team can shoot, edit, produce, and promote your business through the use of video on some of the internet’s leading video sharing platforms.