CLM Video Marketing

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the process of distributing creative video content to a predetermined database on a regular basis to increase awareness and brand recognition.

Video engages prospects and customers more effectively than simply text and pictures. A professionally produced, entertaining and informative video will drive traffic to your website and or engage prospects who are already on your website while at the same time increasing your conversion rate.

Your prospects are not looking to simply buy a product or service; they are looking to solve a pain. This may be lack of customers or focusing on a more lucrative market share.  Understanding what motivated them to look at your video content in the first place is critical to the success of our video marketing campaign.

A well-executed video marketing plan helps give your business a competitive advantage because professional video content has a high perceived value. How often have you, as a consumer, made a buying decision after viewing a television commercial? A well-executed video marketing campaign is like having your own series of television commercials.

All of our video marketing services include basic marketing activity like researching your competition, identifying your existing marketing key words and suggest additional key words;

Our unique recipe!

No two video production processes are alike! We begin our video productions process with a creative meeting (on the phone, Skype or in person) with your team and video producer from our team.  We follow up with a multiple pitch presentation so you can select the creative direction that you can best relate to. We will create a multiple option pitch so you can select the direction & production style that is the best fit for the creative process.  In other words, we want you to feel comfortable with working with our team in order to create the best video product as possible. After all, no one knows your brand better than you do.

We can create new video content, use existing content and design a results driven campaign. Some of our other specialties include restoration of old video formats and film recordings as necessary. One component many production companies over look is the quality of audio content as it relates to professionally produced video. This is half of the experience that a consumer must have in order to immerse themselves in the video experience.

Our post production process color corrects and grades video content to ensure a consistent look.  We begin by editing all identified existing video content and position in the best order that presents your brand efficiently. The goal of this entire process is to create a video that generates leads for your business to grow.

Video Marketing Packages

Higher level packages are recommended as successful results are experienced. The secret to a successful video marketing campaign is creativity. We have a highly creative team who will research your market and identify your prospects pain. We then design a multiple pitch presentation designed to heal your prospects pain.

Our results driven packages are designed to leverage your success. The beginning package, which we recommend for businesses beginning to use video for marketing, is cost effective and a great way to drive traffic to your website as well as increase conversions from existing web traffic.

Entry level package

Our entry level package includes 1 explainer video, 1-3 minutes in length.  This package is more catered towards the business that hasn’t positioned their brand using the power of video. Beginning with one video that explains your brand in an entertaining yet professional way is the end goal. We will then develop a marketing strategy that drives traffic to the video embedded from a popular viewing network, on your landing page.

We always will include your company’s brand, brand recognition history (if available) to qualify your business visually.  This package doesn’t include motion graphics, but animated titles and lower third graphics as well as implementing images and slides you may already use for your marketing efforts.  We also offer up to one full day of professionally recorded video while using graphics to transition to the different areas of the brand or business. Professional music, graphics and color treatments are applied.

Below is a sample video taken from an entry level video marketing campaign.

Body Language Explainer Video from Primeau Productions on Vimeo.

GreenSpace Cafe – Explainer Video from Primeau Productions on Vimeo.