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Do You Need a Digital Strategy but Don’t Know Where to Start?

Capital Letters Marketing understands that ELD and telematics service providers are often in dire need of solid marketing initiatives that can drive results.

With the ELD mandate approaching, many telematics companies are scrambling to reach their audience.

Capital Letters Marketing has worked with industry-leading telematics hardware and service providers to generate awareness, organize sales and marketing assets, develop unique digital marketing strategies and sell more products and services.

The Capital Letters Methodology

Assessment & Agile Planning

Every telematics business is different even if they are serving the exact same customers. Capital Letters Marketing gathers all of your business’s current assets and assesses your current presence in a digital space. From this information we develop a comprehensive strategy for getting you the leads you need to grow your business.


Our cross-functional team members work together to develop and execute your digital marketing strategy.  We use best practices to develop a powerful, consistent, and uniform marketing plan that can be applied across multiple channels.

We brew a powerful mix of paid, social, email, video, and content that will portray your business as an authority in its space and drive leads to your sales team.  You also get valuable sales and marketing coaching to help you decide what you should be focused on and when you should be focused on it.

We define your goals and our tactics so you know exactly what to expect.  Capital Letters Marketing can serve as your marketing partner to help you manage your resources as well as decide when, how, and where to execute your plan.

Crystal Clear Metrics 

Nothing is worse than sending your hard earned marketing dollars into a black whole and not knowing if your investment is paying off.  The team at Capital Letters Marketing are proponents of clear and transparent communication at every step of your campaign.

We monitor the activity of your campaigns daily and make adjustments where necessary.  Monthly strategy meetings ensure that you are in control of your success with us as your trusted guide.  Monthly reporting shows you exactly where your money is going and what it’s doing to help grow your business.