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Video for FILSORB XP20

Filsorb XP20 – Oil Purifying Reagent

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How to make a Connection in Your Next Presentation.

By Jane DeLancey
DeLancey Design

How many boring Power Point (PPT) presentations have you sat through? Poorly developed presentations are painful for everyone. But if it’s your presentation – and it‘s a snoozer – it’s a lost opportunity to connect with your audience, make a sale, or win an account.

Here are three simple tips (and one trade secret) to help you improve your next presentation and make a connection with your audience.

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Product launch: Doing it right – October 2013

Launching a new product and service is not for the feint of heart. Of the 250,000 new products introduce annually in the United States, 66% of new products fail within two years.

Here’s how one Michigan-based distributor did it right.

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Cadillac goes ‘Rogue,’ hires Campbell Ewald for ad account management – Crain’s Detroit Business

Cadillac has gone Rogue.

That’s the name of the General Motors Co. luxury brand’s new advertising creative agency of record, the automaker confirmed in a statement this afternoon.

Rogue was created for the Cadillac account pitch by New York City-based ad agency holding company Interpublic Group of Cos. Inc. as a consortium of three marketing agencies that includes Warren-based ad firm Campbell Ewald, which GM said will house Rogue’s headquarters.

Read more in the full article at Crain’s Detroit Business.

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Emerging Trends Can Make Your Website Work Harder – May 2013

Would you allow your salespeople to make new business presentations wearing ill- fitted clothes, showing a dated portfolio, or telling inaccurate information about your company? Of course not. So why let your website misrepresent your business that way?

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IP Protection: Insurance for your Brand – August 2012

If your car is stolen, the police will attempt to recover it, and your insurance company will compensate you for your loss. But what if your brand is stolen? Or worse yet, what if someone accuses you of stealing their brand, yet you’ve been using it for years? It happens. And when it comes to Intellectual Property (IP) protection (including trademarks and brand names), an ounce of prevention is far better than a pound of cure.

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Four Good Reasons for Updating Your Website – July 2012

Your website is the front door to your business, the portfolio of your work, the reservoir of your experience. It is arguably the most important part of your marketing strategy. Doesn’t it make sense to update it regularly?

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The Key to Key Words and Phrases – May 2012

Strategically placed in your website, keywords and phrases can significantly boost your ratings in search engine results. Where you put them on your site is the real key. Here are some tips. But first, a definition.

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BIM point placement by Construction Points Plus DEMO TimeLapse

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Four Tips for Social Media Marketing – April 2012

Social Media (SM) is one of the most powerful forms of communication to come along in decades. In marketing, SM is a valuable tool in Business-to-Consumer (B2C), and its role is growing in Business-to-Business (B2B). But is SM a good strategic marketing tool for your business?
CAMConnect helped CAM members answer that question on February 23 by hosting a panel discussion entitled, “What’s Your ROI on Social Media?” The room was packed, Amanda Tackett
moderated, and I was one of five panelists who participated in a lively and informative discussion. If you’re considering SM to market your business, here are four tips.

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