5 secrets for better email marketing results

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April 25, 2016
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July 25, 2016
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Email marketing can be an effective and efficient way to reach customers and prospects. But it can also be a colossal waste of time and money if done poorly,

Here are five best practices that will help you get results.

Delivery day

In email marketing, timing is everything. Monday and Friday are not good days to send out emails. Tuesday through Thursday are the best delivery window for B2B emails.
Diversify and Customize

A variety of subject lines and content in your campaigns is recommended.

If your subject line is not compelling, people will not open the email. It’s that simple.

But different people will be attracted to different subject lines.  By varying your messages you can better target niches within your general target audience and are more likely to get good responses.

A more targeted email with customized content for a specific sub-group makes a message even more relevant to the recipient and will yield better results.

Get to the Point

6 seconds. That’s all you have. You’ve got 6 seconds or less to capture the interest of your audience, so get to the point. Make sure your email is short, and your call to action is in the first couple lines.

If your audience has to scroll down to read the whole email they likely won’t. A large block of text will also scare people off.

Use bullet points and list whenever possible to get your information across in a visually pleasing way.

4   Maximize Response Options

Give the recipient of the email the option to reply to the email they have received, go to a website, or pick up the phone and call you. More options for response = more responses.

5   Make the Email Content as Personal as Possible

Open with the recipient’s name, end with a signature line and have the email come from a person at your company rather than from your company in general.  If your sending address is info@ for example it will hurt your campaign. The more the email looks and feels like something they would receive from a peer the more likely they are to take time to read it.

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