3 keys to building membership in associations

Many associations have insufficient membership systems and high running costs which impact their member value, retention, and sign-up rates. There are a number of strategies that can be used to help. Here are our top 3 strategies to help keep an association strong, vital, and growing.

1.)      Social Media

Social media is about the convergence of information and communication which is every association’s goal. Inform and communicate to members regularly in order to increase member engagement.

Social media will continue to grow and expand and associations will need to embrace social media if they want to continue to grow and keep members engaged.

Social media compliments the association website, and enewsletters.

Ideas for social media include:

  • promote workshops, guest speakers, training seminars, conferences
  • broadcast industry findings, interesting research topics, or new industry
  • statistics
  • news stories, purchasable resources, or events

2.)      Responsive design websites

Association web designs are constantly changing and updating as we see a shift towards more visually appealing and user friendly designs.

The increasing use of mobile and tablet devices has also seen a shift towards mobile or responsive websites.

Websites need to be visually appealing and excite users to want to click through to read and learn more, which leads to increased involvement within your community.

Not only does your website design need to be attractive, but the content needs to tell a story by taking the user on a logical path and journey throughout the site.

Responsive designs are changing the way websites are used. As a result, menus, and other content navigation elements need to be re-considered to fit with the responsive framework.

Pages need to present well on any size device, as well as be functional. Current trends indicate that responsive design is the future for all community driven websites.

3.)      Content Strategy

Your content strategy needs to be well thought-out and engage the user to think about what they need or want. The real question is how you drive members and non-members alike, from a position of apathy to action.

Websites needs to contain such good content that it sends the viewer into a sense of despair wondering what they are not doing, are they keeping up, or what do they need to do, thus leading them to ask a question or enquire about a problem.

This process gets the user thinking, and in order for them to answer these questions, or solve the problem, they will need to undertake some research. This is where your association’s resources and tools aid the process through making them perform an action. This could be signing up to become a member because they see the benefits in becoming a member to receive information, white papers, discounts or exclusive content access.

The members of your association are your most valuable assets so make them feel special by understanding their individual needs, preferences and goals.

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